Web Publishing Consulting and Services by People Who Publish Sites Themselves.

After6 has decades of experience building high performance websites with WordPress and Movable Type.

We publish our own sites using the same platforms and systems that we recommend to you.

After6 Now Provides Wordpress Services
After6 Provides Wordpress Services

Building Sites on Stable, Tested Foundations

After6 offers a full suite of services to support the WordPress publishing system. We focus on building stable websites based on well-known themes and well-tested plugins.


After6 offers a full suite of services to support the WordPress publishing system.

We focus on building clean, usable sites that integrate with all of the cloud services that your business uses.


After6 develops and maintains websites based on PHP, including the membership database we developed for the USA Hockey Atlantic District Officiating Program.


After6 develops web applications that integrate content from SQL and NoSQL databases and data obtained via cloud service APIs. Our newest web applications are based on Vue.js 3.

Movable Type

After6 has been a Six Apart Consulting and Technical Support Partner since 2011. We build and maintain Movable Type websites for broadcasting, publishing, and engineering businesses, and governments entities in the United States and Canada.

JavaScript Frameworks

After6 develops and maintains web applications using some of the most modern and up-to-date JavaScript fromeworks, including Vue.js, Node.js, and Angular.


After6 developed RinkAtlas in Angular with a custom NodeJS API connected to Firebase Cloud Firestore.

Sites We Operate Ourselves

We aren’t just consultants and system administrators. We run sites that showcase the technologies in which we specialize.


  • The most useful information about hockey arenas in North America.
  • Over 4,700 arenas and park rinks in our database.
  • News about arenas from around North America .
Home page of Operation Gadget
Operation Gadget

Operation Gadget

  • A WordPress website with news and how-to articles about Apple HomeKit and Matter devices.
  • Operation Gadget includes direct links to products mentioned on Amazon.
  • The site demonstrates a number of affiliate marketing best practices.

“In case you hadn’t noticed, I love hockey. A buddy named Dave Aiello just told me about a website that he created called RinkAtlas.”

“If you ever need to find a rink, this is the site to use. It’s the first mashup that I’ve found useful. 🙂”

Guy Kawasaki

Chief Evangelist, Canva,
and former Chief Evangelist at Apple

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