Movable Type Theming

Movable Type Themes Created by After6 Services

The Wrightstown Theme is the most popular website and blog visual design ever created by After6 Services. Wrightstown is compatible with Movable Type 5 and 6, and is already deployed on several well established websites.

Wrightstown is constantly being enhanced so that customers who invest in a site with this look and feel can benefit from a steady stream of improvements.

An excellent example of a Wrightstown Theme-based website is Atlantic District Officiating Program, a long-time customer of After6 Services.

Movable Type Themes Created by Six Apart and Enhanced by After6 Services

  • Rainier is a responsive Movable Type website and blog theme based on Media Queries (CSS.) It can evaluate how the user accesses a blog or site, such as through a PC, smart phone, tablet, etc., and adjust the size and design of the page to best fit the device. Rainier also offers theme, design and navigation customization options.

    After6 has enhanced Rainier to include SuperAssets-enhanced asset management, which you can see deployed at Operation Gadget and

  • Eiger is a responsive web design theme geared toward corporate sites with a Media Query (CSS) base that provides multi-device compatibility. Basic Movable Type functions also give users the ability to customize certain design aspects, such as replacing the default header background image and title display, as well as customizing links included in the navigation menu, copyright information, and the favicon and og:image.

If you want additional information about any of these themes, please email us at customer.service [at]