Movable Type Upgrade Service

Movable Type Upgrade Service

If you need to upgrade your existing Movable Type server to the latest version of Movable Type 6 or Movable Type 7, this is the service for you.

This service includes:

  • analysis of your existing Movable Type Pro or Movable Type Open Source installation to ensure that our upgrade service meets your needs
  • installation of the latest version of Movable Type 6 or Movable Type 7
  • execution of the upgrade via CGI or the upgrade script tool
  • case worked based on engineer availability, Monday to Friday between 9am and 8pm Eastern Time, with company holidays excluded,
  • case must be solved within 15 business days and cannot be reopened once closed.
Buy Movable Type Pro Upgrade Service, One-time: $449.95

Notes: This package is for end users of Movable Type Pro operating a single-server instance of Movable Type version 4.0 or later. This service only provides assistance with the Movable Type version upgrade process. Upgrades from Movable Type 3.x to Movable Type Pro 6 or 7, or from Movable Type Pro 4 or 5 to Movable Type Pro 6 or 7 require an upgrade license purchase from Six Apart, Ltd., available separately. No configuration, design services, or coding will take place.

Movable Type Enterprise customers, Movable Type Pro customers with multiple servers in their configuration, and individuals and firms that deploy Movable Type on behalf of their clients should email  customer.service [at] for a quote.

Information about Historical Versions of Movable Type is available on, for your reference.