Movable Type Migration Service

Movable Type Migration Service

Movable Type Migration Service is an interventional service designed to perform:

  • transfer of an established Movable Type publishing system from one server or set of servers to another, or
  • transfer of the contents of the database underlying an established Movable Type publishing system from one database management system to another. For example, transferring the contents of a Movable Type database from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL.

This service includes:

  • One incident of Movable Type Migration Service.
  • Movable Type Advanced, Movable Type Pro, or Movable Type Open Source Version 4.0 or higher only, and only for versions of the software that have not yet reached “End of Life”.
  • Case worked based on engineer availability, Monday to Friday between 9am and 8pm Eastern Time, with company holidays excluded.
  • Case must be resolved within 30 business days and cannot be reopened once closed.
  • Web or email access to a state-of-the-art help desk.

For an estimate on this customized service, please email support [at]

Limitations of Movable Type Migration Service

Movable Type Urgent Service does not cover some items listed in Limitations of Movable Type Pro Support ( on, such as the following:

  • Custom template code, CSS, or site design issues.
  • Direct contact with your hosting provider, consultant, or other third parties, unless After6 Services proposes it (although After6 generally proposes such contact during performance of the Migration Service).
  • Assistance with “hacks”, plugin development, alternate template development for the CMS, or other unsupported modifications to Movable Type.


The price that a customer is charged for the Movable Type Migration Service from After6 Services is dependent upon the complexity of the site’s configuration, number of servers, size of database, operating system or database used, expected or actual technical support complexity, and any other objective factor. This complexity may be determined through customer description or discovery by After6 staff.

An expected cost will be provided in a written estimate that will be delivered to the customer in advance.

Final pricing and availability of this service to you is at After6 Services’ sole discretion.