After6 Announces Cloud Services Integrations, Featuring Salesforce and MailChimp

After6 Services is pleased to announce that it has begun building integrations between the WordPress and Movable Type publishing systems and the Sales Cloud.  After6 is also creating integrations between the WordPress and Movable Type publishing systems and the MailChimp and Constant Contact Email Marketing Platforms.

Salesforce Integration

The simplest form of Salesforce integration is the construction of a Web-to-Lead Form.  Web-to-Lead forms help prospective customers visiting your website to register their interest in your company’s services, so that a salesperson can contact them later.

After6 also creates Web-to-Case Forms, for those companies who Salesforce workflows include cases.

MailChimp Integration

After6 works with customers to integrate their MailChimp mailing list Signup Forms into their websites.  There are many ways to do this, so much of what we do is needs analysis and user experience analysis of the parts of our customers’ websites where mailing list signup forms are being added.

Complex Integrations, Involving More Than One Cloud Service

After6 also builds and maintains complex integrations, including the participation of multiple cloud services in one, such as forms that simultaneously enter a prospective customer into the Salesforce Sales Cloud as a lead, and into MailChimp as a subscriber to one of our customers’ mailing lists.

Contact us at customer.service [at] for more information about how we can get started.