Movable Type 6.0 Released at Movable Type Idea Exchange

Movable Type 6.0 was officially released Wednesday at Movable Type Idea Exchange in New York City. The new features of Movable Type 6 appeal mainly to developers and sophisticated end users who invest in the development of either mobile productivity applications or widgets for the Movable Type Dashboard:

  • Productivity Features Aimed at Users
    • Google Analytics Integration: Easily and quickly view blog and website access statistics.
    • Dashboard Redesign: Includes the addition of the “Site Stats” widget, the Message Center, and the “This is you” widget relocation.
    • Message Center Widget: A new dashboard widget that displays alerts such as system messages, plugin and application updates and security warnings.

After6 Services has upgraded its website to Movable Type 6. We will be testing all of our plugins and themes for compatibility.