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Upgrade to Movable Type 5.2.7 Strongly Recommended: Earlier today, Six Apart announced the release of Movable Type…
After6 Gets Its First Twitter Card Accepted: We were able to get a Twitter Summary Card accepted…
SuperAssets for Flickr Screencast: Here is a screencast which demonstrates the key features of…

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SuperAssets for SoundCloud Updated to Version 1.0

We're pleased to announce that SuperAssets for SoundCloud, our Movable Type Asset Manager extension plugin that interfaces with SoundCloud.com, has now reached Version 1.0.

This version makes the name of the plugin consistent throughout the code and the documentation, and fixes a minor user interface problem in the Add SoundCloud Track dialog.  It also changes the license underwhich the plugin is released from the BSD Two-Clause License to the MIT License.

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Movable Type Demo at Fueled Collective in NYC

On August 28, 2013, I demoed Movable Type 5.2.7 for the inhabitants of Fueled Collective. Fueled is an co-working space in the Prince Building, in SOHO, New York City that was created by a mobile app development company known as Fueled.

Welcome to Fueled Collective

I talked about:

  • History of Movable Type
  • Web technology pioneered by Six Apart
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Flexibility of the Platform
  • Gave a demo of Movable Type

About 50 people attended in the demo, sponsored by Six Apart, who is a Fueled Collective member.  Six Apart provided lunch and gave away an iPad mini to an attendee who was selected in a raffle.

The Fueled space is really unique.  It's one floor above the Foursquare offices, which gives you the sense that success in the social media space is all around you.

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Upgrade to Movable Type 5.2.7 Strongly Recommended

Earlier today, Six Apart announced the release of Movable Type 5.2.7. This new version of Movable Type supercedes Movable Type 5.2.6, which was found to have quality assurance problems.

After6 Services strongly recommends upgrading to Movable Type 5.2.7 when possible. The Movable Type 5.2.6 upgrade contained a fix for a security vulnerability, and we would have characterized that upgrade as mandatory if a bug hadn't been identified soon after release.

If you want After6 to perform a Movable Type upgrade for you, please visit the Movable Type Upgrade Service page on our website.

If you are still using Movable Type 4.38, read on for our recommendation.

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Announcing Promote This! 1.2

Promote This! is a Movable Type plugin that Byrne Reese created in 2006 or earlier.  It was one of the first plugins to provide tags to support a wide range of social bookmarking and promotional services.

Because Promote This! has been around for 7+ years, it's present in a lot of older Movable Type 4 installations.  After6 decided to update it because helped facilitate upgrades of customers' older Movable Type-based sites, and made it easier for these customers t...

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