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We integrate Salesforce and MailChimp with WordPress and Movable Type. Learn more.

After6 Now Provides WordPress Services

After6 Services is pleased to announce that we are now providing services on the WordPress web publishing platform. More details….

Secure Your Movable Type System. Upgrade Now!

Upgrade to Movable Type Pro 6.1.2, Movable Type Open Source 5.2.12, or Migrate to WordPress.

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After6 Services uses Salesforce Sales Cloud for its sales process.  It began integrating Salesforce and Movable Type almost five years ago.

We focus on total integration of the Sales Cloud with your Content Management System-driven website.

Is your website doing all it can to fill your sales pipeline? Work with After6 to expand and improve it.

After6 recently began offering a full suite of services to support the WordPress publishing system.

We focus on building clean, usable sites that integrate with all of the cloud services that your business uses.

After6 has been a Six Apart Consulting and Technical Support Partner since 2011. We build and maintain Movable Type websites for broadcasting, publishing, and engineering businesses, and governments entities in the United States and Canada.

Let us help you get the most out of Movable Type.

Connecting Communication with Customer Engagement

At After6 Services, one of our specialties is optimizing Salesforce integration with WordPress or Movable Type.

We believe that the intersection of publishing and customer relationship management doesn’t get enough attention.

  • Does your website do everything it can to help you make a sale?
  • Does it help you build your audience for future communications?
  • Can you measure your success?

Those are the kinds of problems we work on for customers every day.

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After6 Services Celebrating Its Sixth Birthday

On January 11, 2011, After6 Services LLC was granted its corporate charter.  So today marks our sixth anniversary. We’re really proud of the work we’ve done with the Movable Type and WordPress content management systems, the many cloud services we integrate with those CMS platforms, and particularly our recent work… Read more

After6 Now Provides WordPress Services

After6 Services is pleased to announce that we are now providing services on the WordPress web publishing platform. Our focus in choosing components for new WordPress sites will be: usability for non-technical users, security, scalability, and maintainability. Balancing these goals on a complex platform like WordPress is a challenge.  But,… Read more

After6 Announces Cloud Services Integrations, Featuring Salesforce and MailChimp

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Movable Type Upgrade to Version 6.1.2 or 5.2.13 Strongly Recommended

Earlier today, Six Apart announced the release of Movable Type 6.1.2. This new version of Movable Type supercedes Movable Type 6.1.1, which was found to have quality assurance problems.

After6 Services strongly recommends upgrading to Movable Type 6.1.2 when possible. The Movable Type 6.1 upgrade contained Version 2.0 of the Movable Type Data API, which adds important new functionality for customers who run applications that interact with Movable Type through JavaScript.

If you want After6 to perform a Movable Type upgrade for you, please visit the Movable Type Upgrade Service page on our website.

If you are still using a version of Movable Type prior to 6.1, read on for our recommendations. Read more

SuperAssets for Flickr: Upgrade Required to Continue Successful Use

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