Announcing UnrecognizedTags 0.7

Maybe you do a lot of Movable Type 3 and 4 migrations to Movable Type 5.2, like I do?  If so, you need the UnrecognizedTags plugin.

UnrecognizedTags identifies all Movable Type Markup Language tags that Movable Type currently doesn’t recognize.

With it, you can identify unrecognized tags throughout an entire Movable Type instance. In other words, it will identify unrecognized tags in all websites and blogs published by Movable Type, and also any unrecognized tags found in Global Templates.

So, if you need to know where all occurences are of tags produced that plugin you are removing because it’s not MT 5-compatible, UnrecognizedTags is for you.

UnrecognizedTags 0.7 was pushed on to Github on Thursday.  This version:

  • Includes a lot more documentation in the README file.
  • Adds a lot of supplemental information in config.yaml that flows through to the Movable Type Plugin page at the System Overview level pointing to things like, Six Apart’s home page, and the documentation on Github.

We’re still testing on different versions of MT, and if there are any fixes that need to go in, we’ll publish them as soon as possible.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them here or send us an email at support [at]