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SuperAssets for Flickr: Upgrade Required to Continue Successful Use

Attention SuperAssets for Flickr users. Flickr is deprecating the non-SSL endpoints of the Flickr API on June 27. We created a new version of SuperAssets for Flickr that makes all Flickr API calls via SSL.

SuperAssets for Flickr Version 1.02 is now available and is required for all users to continue successfully using the plugin. In addition, it’s the Flickr::API2 Perl module must be updated to version 2.08 or later. This update to Flickr::API2 is what enables SSL connections to be established.

Update to SuperAssets for Flickr Coming to Address Flickr API Protocol Change

Attention SuperAssets for Flickr users. Flickr is deprecating the non-SSL endpoints of the Flickr API on June 27. We are working on a SuperAssets for Flickr update that will make all API calls via SSL, and expect to release it in time to make the transition.

An issue has been created in our Github repository that will be updated as we continue to work on the update, Update SuperAssets for Flickr to Access Flickr API over SSL.

If you have questions or concerns, please engage us on TwitterFacebook, or via the After6 Services Help Desk.

SuperAssets for SoundCloud Updated to Version 1.0

We’re pleased to announce that SuperAssets for SoundCloud, our Movable Type Asset Manager extension plugin that interfaces with SoundCloud.com, has now reached Version 1.0.

This version makes the name of the plugin consistent throughout the code and the documentation, and fixes a minor user interface problem in the Add SoundCloud Track dialog.  It also changes the license underwhich the plugin is released from the BSD Two-Clause License to the MIT License.

Announcing Promote This! 1.2

Promote This! is a Movable Type plugin that Byrne Reese created in 2006 or earlier.  It was one of the first plugins to provide tags to support a wide range of social bookmarking and promotional services.

Because Promote This! has been around for 7+ years, it’s present in a lot of older Movable Type 4 installations.  After6 decided to update it because helped facilitate upgrades of customers’ older Movable Type-based sites, and made it easier for these customers to stop Movable Type 4.

There are many alternatives to using Promote This! in new Movable Type projects.  However, updating this plugin decreased the cost and increased the likelihood of completion of quite a few MT 4 to MT 5 upgrades.

SuperAssets for Flickr Screencast

Here is a screencast which demonstrates the key features of SuperAssets for Flickr.

SuperAssets for Flickr allows you to easily select Flickr photos to include in entries and pages that you publish with Movable Type.  SuperAssets for Flickr automatically stores links to the Flickr photos you select so that they are available in the Movable Type Asset Manager and accessible by standard Movable Type Asset Manager tags.

For more information about the SuperAssets series of plugins, visit the Plugins section of After6Services.com.

Announcing UnrecognizedTags 0.7

Maybe you do a lot of Movable Type 3 and 4 migrations to Movable Type 5.2, like I do?  If so, you need the UnrecognizedTags plugin.

UnrecognizedTags identifies all Movable Type Markup Language tags that Movable Type currently doesn’t recognize.

With it, you can identify unrecognized tags throughout an entire Movable Type instance. In other words, it will identify unrecognized tags in all websites and blogs published by Movable Type, and also any unrecognized tags found in Global Templates.

So, if you need to know where all occurences are of tags produced that plugin you are removing because it’s not MT 5-compatible, UnrecognizedTags is for you.

UnrecognizedTags 0.7 was pushed on to Github on Thursday.  This version:

  • Includes a lot more documentation in the README file.
  • Adds a lot of supplemental information in config.yaml that flows through to the Movable Type Plugin page at the System Overview level pointing to things like, Six Apart’s home page, and the documentation on Github.

We’re still testing on different versions of MT, and if there are any fixes that need to go in, we’ll publish them as soon as possible.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them here or send us an email at support [at] after6services.com.

Introducing Reblog 2.4

Reblog 2.4 was just pushed on Github. This version:

  • solves an entry duplication issue in Movable Type 5.
  • eliminates a dependency on the Perl module called Switch.

I’d like to thank Shmuel Fomberg for his patches that solved these important reported issues.

I maintain the Reblog plugin on behalf of the Movable Type Community.  For more information, visit the Reblog repository at https://github.com/movabletype/mt-plugin-reblog.